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London, England: Great Ormond St. Hospital for Children


$800.00 would help pay for a new playroom in the new hospital expanded area.
$2,050.00  for a recliner chair for parents to sleep over with their children
$5,600.00 for a new medical device that tests neurological functions


For our Europe project we are excited to be working with Great Ormond Street Hospital, a hospital for children in London, England. This hospital treats children in the UK as well as all over the globe. Many children come with complex medical conditions, some of which are life threatening. We want to help make these kids healthier, and happier, too. So, our goal is to raise money for medical equipment AND toys for these children to make their holidays easier and more fun. 
We are hoping to buy the children twenty special neonatal masks, small and delicate enough to fit a new born baby’s face, twenty toys specially adapted for the children to help with their rehabilitation, and at least one brand new high-tech respiration monitor to track children’s breathing. We wish to make these kid’s treatments more safe, comfortable, and stress-free. Please help us get started on this project to make big difference for a lot of little children this holiday season.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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You can also send your holiday donation via check to:
Dream of A Better World
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