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Nanyang, China:CAUSE: Maria's Big House of Hope

Five years ago, our friends from Tennessee, Marybeth and Steven Curtis Chapman officially opened Maria’s Big House of Hope in China, which is named after their youngest daughter Maria Sue, who died in a tragic accident. Maria’s Big House of Hope has provided a solid and loving place to live and acute medical care to over 800 Chinese orphans, most with special needs. This quality daily care makes it possible for these children to thrive and increases the likelihood that they will someday have the opportunity to be adopted into a family of their own. To date, more than 150 children have been adopted or matched for adoption and will soon travel to their new and forever families!
Maria’s Big House is always at full capacity. Medical teams from the U.S. have volunteered their time and expertise to travel to China to provide care for children awaiting surgeries. Services including dental as well as neuro, orthopedic and cleft lip and palate surgeries have been provided through these teams. .

Our goal this holiday season is to raise funds to help the Chapman’s and Maria’s Big House of Hope purchase some much needed and specialized medical supplies for the children. Our minimum goal is to raise $1,500 to buy 2 Nellcor pulse oximeters with probes and at least two tumble-form chairs. The oximeters are a way to check the oxygen level in someone’s blood in a non-invasive way so that it is less discomfort for the children. Tumble chairs help the children to sit upright and be supported after a surgery or operation.

We are very enthusiastic and completely ready to get started with this worthy cause, so please help us accomplish our goals for this project!

Remember… "You're never too young or too old to make a difference" this Holiday season!  Thank you for your generous on-going support!

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You can also send your holiday donation via check to:
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