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Let’s keep our planet healthy and thriving
For GENERATIONS to come!

Dream of a Better World has partnered with organizations in Antarctica and the Galapagos. They are committed to protecting endangered animals and the environment, and to helping keep the world and it’s ecosystems intact and flourishing for generations to come.

Our first project in the deep Southern Hemisphere is with the Turtle Island Restoration Network to help save the whale shark population from diminishing in the Galapagos and surrounding areas.  Despite being the largest fish on Earth (about the size of a bus!), the whale shark is submerged in mystery and travels over huge distances every year. With its global population in decline, now is the time to start answering some of the key questions about the needs and patterns of this gentle giant to ensure its future protection.

Turtle Island Restoration Network needs our support to protect and conserve this majestic fish and other sea creatures from possible extinction and further endangerment.  Your donation will help fund critical research of these threatened sharks in Galapagos and will help conserve their populations, both in Galapagos and around the world.

Thank you to our supporters who have asked for and recommended projects like this one that help us reach out to the far corners of the planet to preserve and protect our earth!

 PLEASE join us to help make a real difference to whale shark poaching and conservation, both in Galapagos and globally.

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